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Privacy Policy

Privacy is important. To you and us. We aren't spying on you. But sometimes we do index, log, and store information about you and your activities while using Avalon Army products and services ("Services").

Some of our Services require some personal information. Anything you submit to our applications during signup, while managing your account settings, or through any other means while using our Services may be persisted and stored. Don't submit any information you don't want to be stored, or don't use Services that require information you don't want to share.

As you use our Services we may collect information about which Services you're using and how you're using them. The devices you use to connect to our Services, IP addresses, browser cookie data, local storage, and any other technologies may be used, logged, and recorded by our servers.

The purpose for collecting this data is to improve our Services, develop new ones, and better understand how and why users use our Services.

You may be able to edit and control some of the information we store about you. We offer these options as a convenience and the kinds of information you can alter or remove will change over time.

Many of our Services require certain capabilities or technologies to function property. For example, browser cookies, javascript local storage, and other technologies (not a complete list) are put to great use by many applications we offer and build. If you don't want to share this information, don't use the Services.

Share functionality is more and more important to people's activities on the web. We offer many ways for users to share content, activities, and other information from our Services. Be sure you want to share this information before doing so because things you share publically may be indexed by other web entities.

Your personal information is ONLY intentionally shared with other companies, organizations, and individuals outside of Avalon Army under these circumstances:

  1. When you give us consent
  2. For legal reasons we deem appropriate in good faith

Other anonymous information may be shared publically or with partners. This information will be general and not identifiable to you personally.

We take security very seriously and make a good faith effort to protect your privacy and safeguard your information. However, we can't be held responsible for any information that is lost, stolen, hacked, or corrupted through our Services.

If Avalon Army is involved in a merger or sale, some of your data or information may transfer to another entity. If this happens we will provide written notice via our family of websites or other means, and we will attempt to give notice to any affected parties or users before this transfer begins or at the earliest convenience.

This Privacy Policy applies to all Avalon Army Services, unless a service provides its own, separate privacy policy. It does not apply to any other entities, including the ones we partner with or whose technologies or services that we integrate into our own Services.

If you do not agree with any of this policy, do not use any Avalon Army Services.

This policy will change over time. Any changes will be posted and any updates will immediately take precedence over this one. Any major changes to the policy will receive a prominent notice on our family of websites. Other notices of communication may or may not occur as well, such as email notifications.