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I teach simple strategies to
burn fat every day

I take the guesswork out of fat loss. Follow along with simple cheat sheets and weekly checklists. You'll always know exactly what to do next. When the steps are this clear, fat loss is easy.

Avalon Army burn 5x-7x more body fat

Let your coach
come to you

Burn 5x-7x more body fat
in 1 hour per week

Stay home and let me come to you. My short 30 minute workouts burn 5x-7x more body fat than jogging or biking. Make no mistake, we're going to work hard. But it only takes one hour per week.

Avalon Army. We're stronger together.

Burn fat
or your
money back

100% money back guarantee

If you don't lose weight, you don't pay. Bottom line. I'm so confident in my fat loss systems that I'll refund 100% of your membership if you aren't satisfied. But you will be.

First Week Tools

Brendan Ridenour with Avalon Army

Hi, my name's Brendan

I bring people together to live better and give back. I'm proud to say that all my clients donate 10% of their memberships to worthy charities and causes around the world.

Living Health by Avalon Army

Fat Loss Metabolism

The science of fat loss is complicated but Living Health is dead simple. Follow cheat sheets and checklists through the first six steps, then unlock your Fat Loss Metabolism (and more).

Golden Rules of Food by Avalon Army

Golden Rules of Food

No diets. No calorie counting. And no arguing between low-fat, ketogenic, and paleo. Follow four Golden Rules six days a week, then eat whatever you want on day seven.

Living Health Digest by Avalon Army

Weekly Checklists

Every week brings new goals and tools but you'll never have to guess if you're doing the right thing. Use the checklists, don't skip steps, and burn 12-21 pounds of fat every month.

Garden Ratio: 5-3-2-1-1 by Avalon Army

Garden Ratio: 5-3-2-1-1

Eat 12 medium handfuls of plants every day (I promise, it's less than you think) to kickstart your body's recovery systems and improve your body's ability to burn fat fast.

3 Laws of Fat Loss by Avalon Army

3 Laws of Fat Loss

Traditional "eat less, exercise more" advice ignores the 3 Laws of Fat Loss. Learn to take control of the root causes for your weight gain so you can trigger daily fat loss.

Fat Loss Guarantee

Burn 12-21 pounds of body fat in 30 days — guaranteed.
Step-by-step fat loss coaching for $197+.

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