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The Domino Detox
by Avalon Army

This is not a diet

Permanently change your metabolism, hormones, and insulin sensitivity so you lose weight faster, protect yourself from chronic diseases, and ignite your renewal engines.

  • Reverse
    insulin resistance

  • Build a healthy
    body composition

  • Nurture the
    mighty microbiome

  • Protect against
    chronic diseases

Get Healthy at Home

No gym memberships. No expensive equipment. And no branded shakes or supplements. Get healthy at home without fads, unwanted add-ons, or calculated upsells.

Domino Detox Pyramid Graphic

One Small Step Every Day

When one part of your body cleanses, that will trigger another adaptation further down the line. But daily strategies guide you through each transition step by step. In 30 days it will change you.

One Small Step Every Day

$5 to a Great Cause

It's impossible to join the Avalon Army without giving back. Start your Domino Detox and we'll donate another $5 thanks to you.

Domino Detox for FREE

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Domino Detox and how it works. Find answers to the most common questions or ask one of your own.

Domino Detox Frequently Asked Questions

Use the first 30 days of 2018 to
create a Brand New You